A Bloody Declaration of War

Since the first recordings of time, there have been those who would use any means necessary to usurp their control over others through any means necessary, even blood shed. Now, a plot to take the thrown of the 5 Kingdoms has been launched by Herilin, ruler of the Kingdom Of Kilithore, a bloody declaration of war on his neighbors, in an effort to take the crown for himself. Using subterfuge and gold to buy those who won’t be fooled, Kilithore risks open war with the other 4 kingdoms in his quest to secure the throne.


King Maker

Welcome to the King Maker Campaign. This campaign is based on the Pathfinder system, and includes use of the mythic campaign rules, legendary weapons (from the 3.5 system), and is based on Agea, my gaming world. The setting is 157 years after The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths, where previously the demon lord Orcus’ plans were foiled. The party quickly finds themselves not only outcast and homeless, but intertwined in mystery and thrust them at the very center of a plot to return Orcus to the world. Is this the work of Orcus, or something even more sinister?

Please feel free to leave comments, and suggestions, as well as enjoy our epic tale of mystery, death, and undeath, as the players take on the heavens and hell to reclaim their home.

King Maker

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