Dragon's Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove of Tavurth the Black


The upper level of the ruined temple, behind a closed door lies every adventurer’s dream, the treasure horde of a dragon. The treasure is piled waist deep across the floor of the room. Coins, gems, artwork, and adventuring gear. The contents of the pile, carefully inventoried and ready for distribution (after several days of cataloging) are as follows:

+2 Great Axe
ring of x-ray vision
rod of negation
pearl of power (5th)
Remove Curse Potion
Fly Potion
Scroll of Bestow Insight divine
Scroll of deep slumber arcane
Scroll of Fly Arcane
Painting of a queen by a master (1500gp)
Platinum Scepter with gold inlay (1200gp)
+2 Studded Leather Armor of Shadow
Ring of spell storing, minor
Staff of Charming
Wand of Blur (CL5) 25 charges
brilliant green emerald (6500gp)
platinum mask (900gp)
mistmail armor
Longsword +2 of shock
Longbow +1 Distance and Undead bane
Psicrown of the Traveler, lesser
Instant Bridge (wonderous item)
Sapphire (3000gp)
Staff of the Scout
Cloak of the Hedge Wizard (conjuration)
Scabbard of Vigor
Oil of Daylight
Wand of Call Lightning (CL5) 25 charges
Two Zircon Gems (40gp each)
Two Jade Gems (90gp each)
one aquamarine gem (600gp)


Dragon's Treasure Trove

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