King Maker

Merchant's log

This whole endeavor is most disconcerting. The individuals I’m travelling with are just bad for business all around. Sar and I have had dealings for quite a while and his family is always good for my work, but now I’m a fugitive with a group of unbalanced individuals.

I remember how it was while working with the military, I’ve tired of that life and all the death. The excitement of an adventuring life loses it’s luster when it’s all you see. For god’s sake, they just murdered those guards without even taking the time to pause and consider the repercussions! It’s not like I can go back to that town and perform business any longer, I’m likely a wanted man due to the actions of others!

I think I can trust the elf cleric, if only because of his devotion to Sarenrae, but the others I’m not so sure.

The dark elf is unusual, and though he appears to be benign, he does hold much power that will have to be watched.

The alchemist has always been a bit unstable, but reliable in a fight and always delivers product on time.

The summoner seems my sort of chap, powerful, but capable of thought and restraint. I don’t much like summoning creatures from beyond the void as they can be unpredictable, convincing others of a more mortal and material nature has always been my strong suit, but to each his own.

This brings me to the other fighter who’s name escapes me as I write this. I don’t know enough about him and his motives to make a full assessment, but on the outset, he appears to be unbalanced and far to quick to take a life. It’s not that I’m a pacifist or something like that, but these people are FAR more useful alive than dead. If need be I may need to act and bring him into line with the rest of the group, we shall see if that becomes necessary.

So far, we’ve eluded capture by what I can only assume are assassins or bounty hunters and ultimately made our way to a small village by a lake in exchange for a favor later. There are strange goings on here that require our attention if we wish to call in that favor later. It appears that four young women have been executed in a most gruesome fashion by either being burned alive or drowning in a lake for being a “witch”. If women who likely had no real power were executed in such a way, what would these country yokels do to someone of true power? I will need to plan for this event carefully.

Upon our cleric conversing with the spirit of the drowned woman, we have only discovered that the self proclaimed Inquisitor who perpetrated these murders in the name of the church was a “twisted soul”. Sadly this tells us very little about the situation. With the dead rising at night and children being taken, this whole mess vexes me greatly. I much prefer to avoid the dead, you cannot hear the whispers of their minds (if there are any) like you would a living and breathing being.

I believe within the next few nights we may lay a trap for the abductors of these children and see some resolution to this whole frightful mess. I’d much prefer to fight flesh and bone any day of the week.

- Remesh of Tarrington




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