King Maker

Journal Entry

May Urian forgive us and look kindly upon those we have slain. It is good that we have escaped from that dark tunnel trap, but at what cost? What sort of evil have we committed? I must make penance, for my participation in the escape indirectly led to the deaths of city guardsmen.

Some days after escaping the city we came upon a small village. The village is so small it is almost more of a camp. The local lord requested an audience through a roundabout way, no doubt to keep any spies off the trail. There is a terrible situation in a village not far where children have gone missing. The travel to the village was quick, and the situation far worse than we could have imagined. The locals tell us an inquisitor came by but two weeks ago with fiery red eyes, condemning four women in the village as witches. Three were burned alive in their homes and the fourth was put to the test, and drowned. I made efforts with assistance of a summoner to surface the drowned woman to the lakeshore and perform the necessary ritual to gain information. Oh how I detest speaking with the dead in such a manner! Sarenrae protect my soul!

The presumed witch had no useful detail, other than to reveal the inquisitor was a twisted soul. I alone went off into the woods to bury her corpse in a more proper manner. The next few days should prove a challenge, as the townsfolk describe what must be a ghast, or ghasts, which evoke fire, harranging the town and kidnapping children. The merchant in our party kept going on about having a sleepover with the children. Must keep an eye on that one..




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