King Maker

Into the pit

and other dark stories

7 days on the road, early spring, entered town of 1500 people controlled by neighboring kingdom. Bought formal wear, cloaks, went to the brass mug inn. Place was sparkly clean, patrons were drunk and held weapons. The barkeep had a tattoo on her neck. Two patrons stood out, a mercenary with scars and a hooded figure that might be a ghost. The cleric sent a drink over to the mercenary. The hunter picked up pear slices in a cup. The mercenary disappeared. Hunter left to track him and went to the stables. Cleric went to clean off graffiti at the church. Sar and the pain went towards the military quarter and we’re accosted by 3 guards with a bounty letter. The guards took a few gold pieces and went and had a drink. The arcanists went to the mage college to sew rumors.

[[File:435662 | class=media-item-align-center | e6f3ddeb18ca9547e65b6f5b6b8fce37_full.jpg]]

The mercenary and 2 friends snuck up on the hunter in the stables and forced him to surrender. The hunter was taken to a small shanty house near the church and stuck in a cell to vlbe used as bait. The party converged on the shanty house, broke into the underground tunnel and promptly fell on a grease trap. The hunter bashed the door to his cell down and found himself staring into empty space. The party went to the end of the tunnel and found the cell was no longer there. The summoner summoned some archons that teleported into the shack above. The psion had a eye spy who saw the 3 mercenaries and a woman in caster robes waiting outside the trap door.

A few spells may be still active.
Bulls Strength cast on Sar
Aid cast on the party in general (with exception of the hunter)
Mind Link (?) on the party in general
Eye spy (?) in the hut
Summoned archons in the tunnel
Grease traps on the floor



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